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Broadway Rug has been a trusted company providing rug and area rug cleaning services for over 25 years and still growing strong. We have a specialized team for cleaning every type of material according to the condition and fabric. The team is knowledgeable and well trained. They carry out the cleaning while keeping in view all the pros and cons of each technique. Before cleaning, we ensure all the safety measures in order to prevent your rugs and area rugs from any kind of damage to their fabric, texture or dye.

How We Clean

We begin our cleaning procedure by inspecting the condition of your rugs to choose the best method to get the best results. We also inspect to detect the presence of any water, urine, moth, beetle, or bed bug. If this is the case, we treat that first. After solving this problem, we begin our cleaning procedure. We have a wide range of techniques depending upon the requirement of your rug. If your rug is stained heavily with water, juice, coffee, tea, oil. Etc. we opt for deep cleaning. For the minimally stained rugs we other cleaning technique. We clean rugs that have high amounts of soil and dirt in them. After cleaning your rug, removing all the soil and stains, we sanitize them using our specially designed sanitizers that are not only safe for the rug fiber, texture, and dye but are also eco-friendly and cost friendly. We customize deodorants so you can give your rugs the fragrance you like. We also offer fringe protection treatment to prevent your rugs from any kind of unraveling or damage. In the end, we re-inspect the rug so that there is no flaw left and your rug is cleaned to the level of satisfaction. We then package your rug in either paper or plastic and deliver them to you. We also provide an on-site cleaning for most rugs according to your schedule. We also have cleaning services and machinery for your antique rugs because they are delicate and require special treatment.

Cleaning techniques we offer

Steam Cleaning

The steam cleaning technique is for the rugs having a minimal amount of soil and minimal amount dirt. In this cleaning process, we expose your rug to steam at very high pressure. The high pressure pushes the steam deep into the fibers from where it pulls out the dust and contaminations, making your rugs look good.

Shampoo Cleaning

The shampoo cleaning technique is for lesser stained rugs. In shampoo cleaning, we use a shampoo solution for minor stains removal on your rugs. After this, we wipe away the shampoo and drain out the water using vacuum machines. For fragrance, we mix the deodorants within the cleaning shampoo solution

Deep Cleaning

The deep cleaning technique is for heavily stained rugs. In this method, we use a strong but non-toxic cleaning solution that is rubbed onto the surface with a brushing machine. Brushing clears away the all the stains including the hard stains. Then we wipe the solution from the rug with a large amount of water which also wipes the dirt along. In the end, we remove the remaining moisture. For this purpose, we use high-speed dryers that pull out every single moisture particle leaving the rugs dry and clean. We also spray them with our customized deodorant to restrict any unpleasant odor.

Difference in a professional cleaning

Professional cleaning that you get from Broadway Rug gives you in-depth cleaning which not only removes dust and stains but also includes the removal of the allergens, pathogens as well as pungent odors present in them.

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