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We have a specialized team for able to repair and restore any rug material according to the condition and fabric. Our team is knowledgeable and well-trained. We carry out repairs and restorations while keeping in view all the pros and cons of each technique. Before we start any repairs and restorations we ensure all the safety measures in order to prevent your rugs and area rugs from any sort of damage to their fabric, texture, or dye sure the repairs and restorations. All repairs and restorations are done in our facility and delivered back to you when complete. Along with the repairs and restorations, we also provide new rug pads.

Our repair and restoration procedure

We examine the condition of your rugs and the extent of the damage. Then we select the best repair or restoration technique for your rugs according to the damage. We use eco-friendly and non-toxic products that are safe for humans, animals as well as for your rugs. After any repair and restoration of your rugs, we pack them and deliver them to you. We provide one time repairs and restorations along with maintenance service. We provide the best repairs and restorations services in the New York and surrounding areas at very affordable rates. We also offer special discounts to our regular customers. Before returning your rugs, we re-inspect them to ensure the provision of quality services.

Our repair techniques

Below are the some repair and restoration services we offer to our clients.

Rug Overcasting and Rug Patching

Rug overcasting and rug patching are for the rugs which get cuts or holes. In rug overcasting, we use strong threads of contrasting colors. It also fixes the unraveling of the knots providing a lock for them. In some cases, we use cloth and laces instead of thread.

In rug patching, a patch almost similar to the design and color of your rug is skillfully sewed in it by our expert technicians.

Rug Fringe Repair and Replacement

We provide repair and restoration for the unraveling of the fringes and knots since knot loss can destroy the whole rug texture and structure. We repair that knot loss and restore the fringes thus preventing the rug from future untying.

Rug Stretching

Sometimes, the rugs get rolled or creased. This might be due to poor maintenance or moving furniture frequently over it. For such rugs, we provide stretching. In this repair technique, we spray the rug with a blocking solution so that it gets stretched. We also use heated iron bars to straighten the creases. After that, the blocking machine stretches the rug to its original size.

We have many other repairs and restorations. Please contact us for other repairs and restorations your need.

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