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Along with residential services, we at Broadway Rug provide our services to the commercial area as well. We understand the importance of making first impressions on clients and we help you by offering commercial cleaning, repair and restoration services. We believe in creating a better atmosphere for commercial spaces by providing the best services. The story does not end here, maintenance is even more important. We have appropriate methods and techniques to clean, sanitize, and deodorize different types of carpets, rugs, upholstery, furniture and window coverings. This ensures the longevity along with the added benefit of a hygienic indoor atmosphere.

Area Rug and Mat Cleaning

We clean all area rug types, but not limited to; berber, braided, cotton, hand woven, handmade, hooked, knotted, machine woven, moroccan, natural fiber, oriental, persian, shag, silk, tufted, viscose, wool, runners, coco mats and all other rugs. We offer free pick-up and delivery on all area rug cleaning services. We protect your business's image by providing our specialty area rug cleaning services at a very reasonable cost. We clean all kinds of stains and remove all the dust and pathogens hiding in its layers. We also help with any sort of unpleasant odors and offer restoration services as well. With us, you can increase the lifespan of your rugs while effectively saving you money. We clean all rugs and mats.

Carpet Cleaning

Carpets give your commercial site a more professional look. Commercial spaces such as offices, conference rooms, hotel rooms, hallways, classrooms, as well as many other hospitality areas use carpeting as a floor covering. It acts as an air filter while absorbing the dust and allergens in the environment. Carpets also provide insulation and act as an excellent noise damping medium. While carpets elevate the look of your commercial space, it can also act negatively if it's filled with contaminants. A discolored stained carpet can do the opposite effect making your place of business appear dirty and unhygienic. We clean all carpets.

Upholstery and Furniture Cleaning

Furniture is a must-have in all kinds of businesses. Upholstered furniture can add to the comfort and luxury of your office space. At the same time, it can get easily dirty and faded. We can help you maintain the distinctiveness of your furniture while cleaning it up to help it look as good as new. We clean stains and spills from all your office furniture and remove any sort of musty odors from it. You can see the magic the hands of our technicians can perform. We can turn your old worn sofa into a brand new one without costing you alot. We clean all upholstery and furniture.

Draperies Cleaning

Window treatments are an excellent air filter and an amazing barrier against sharp sun rays. They also add to your office's interior making it more attractive. Draperies also get dirty very quickly requiring regular cleaning. If not cleaned on time, they not only become infested with dangerous bacteria but also get torn making your office space ugly. Broadway Rug provides a gentle cleaning of your drapes refreshing their look and feel. We clean all sort and hard window treatments.

Other Specialty Cleaning Services

In case your business is in the hospitality sector, you might be looking for several other cleaning services. Broadway Rug understands the needs of its clients. Besides carpet, rug, furniture, and drapery cleaning, we also offer other cleaning services such as mattress cleaning, bed bug treatment, allergy control, carpet installation services as well as repair and restoration services. We have tailored our cleaning services for all your needs and we also look forward to performing the remaining tasks as well. We have experts in all fields who can perform their work excellently.

Our Cleaning Services

We provide regular as well as deep-cleaning services

Regular cleaning services

We provide regular cleaning services for your business on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. The frequency of cleaning depends on the type of business you are running. In case your business has high clientage and you get hundreds of visits a day, you might be looking for daily cleaning services. In other cases, if your business has lesser human traffic, you can reduce your regular cleaning to a weekly or monthly basis.

In regular cleaning, we provide an overall cleaning of your place. We vacuum all your inventories nicely and sweep any dust resting on its surface. We can perform our tasks overnight or at weekends causing no disturbance in your business activities.

Deep cleaning services

In a deep cleaning, we provide thorough more in-deep cleaning services. Deep cleaning is required by businesses on a yearly or biannual basis, again, depending on the type of your business activities. High trafficking areas require cleaning more often than others.

In a deep cleaning, we use our highly efficient modern cleaning equipment and use special techniques to clean your inventories deeply. This process cleans any sort of hard stains, musty odors, as well as pathogens infestation.

Difference in a professional cleaning

Professional cleaning that you get from Broadway Rug gives you in-depth cleaning which not only removes dust and stains but also includes the removal of the allergens, pathogens as well as pungent odors present in them.

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