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Broadway Rug is a trusted company providing cleaning services for all your window treatment needs. We have a specialized team for cleaning every type of material according to the condition and fabric. The team is knowledgeable and well-trained. They carry out the cleaning and restoration while keeping in view all the pros and cons of each technique. Before cleaning, they ensure all the safety measures in order to prevent your window treatment from any kind of damage to their fabric, texture, or dye. Window treatment are usually left untreated because of the labor involved in their cleaning. Not knowing that window treatment also hide a huge number of contaminations that might cause a lot of health risks. Broadway Rug gives the best treatment to your window treatment, removing all the dust and contaminations. Our detailed procedure is following.

Our Cleaning Procedure

We thoroughly inspect your window treatment. We check for the condition of fabric, stains, dirt and signs of dust, etc. After a thorough inspection, we decide on the most suitable cleaning process. If there are any signs of dust mites, we remove them first. Then we start working on the dirt that is entrapped in the window treatment fabric. We vacuum your window treatment that would pull out all the specks of soil from your window treatment fiber. Then we work on the stains and spots removal. We apply a conditioning solution on your window treatment surface that dissolves the staining particles in the fiber. After that, we rinse it with water. This takes away the cleaning solution along with the stains leaving behind a clean smooth surface. After removing the stains, we kill the germs and remove the unpleasant odor present in the window treatment. For this purpose, we use our specially customized sanitizers and deodorants. We offer you a variety of fragrances that you can choose from. To remove the moisture from the fiber, we expose them to heated air which drains out the water particles leaving the window treatment surface dry. After ensuring the quality service, we pack them and deliver them. We also rehang them. We have a variety of cleaning techniques depending upon the condition of the window treatment. For heavy window treatment, we use the steam cleaning technique. The process is done while ensuring the safety of the curtain from burning out. For the window treatment that do not undergo shrinkage, we use the hot water extraction technique. We dip the window treatment in a solution of warm water and cleaning agents. This dissolves all the dirt and stains leaving behind a smooth surface. We also dry-clean your window treatment. All the products we use in cleaning are eco-friendly and fabric safe. We also offer cleaning of your window treatments in your home.

Window Treatment Services

We clean, repair, restore and sell all window treatments, including but limited to; roller and solar shades, cellular and pleated shades, roman shades, luminette, silhouette, skylights, mini and venetian blinds, wood blinds, verticals, drapes, curtains, theatre drapes (cleaning done on site), sheers, austrian shades, panels, swags, cornices, other window treatment

We offer window treatment repairs and restoration, including but limited to; strings/cords repair or replace, cord locks repair or replace, sewing, ironing, steaming, hole repair, removal and installation, valance repair or replace, new fabrics, new valances, water leakage cleaning and restoration.

Difference in a professional cleaning

Professional cleaning that you get from Broadway Rug gives you in-depth cleaning which not only removes dust and stains but also includes the removal of the allergens, pathogens as well as pungent odors present in them.

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