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Rug Patching

Your rug may undergo damage getting a big hole in it. This might happen due to an accident or sometimes it gets chewed by your pet. We can help you recover the previous look of your rugs by sewing a similar piece of rug in the place of the hole. Now, you don't have to worry about throwing your favorite rug into the store considering it as an irreparable piece. We can do the magic and recreate the same look at a very reasonable cost.

Rug Blocking

We often store our rugs in basements by rolling them around. Sometimes, poor handling of a rug can also make it creased and de-shaped. In that case, we offer our rug blocking services which can help restore the smooth look of your rug. We brush the rug gently throughout its surface and straighten its structure. We use stretching machines that can re-shape your rugs as desired. Once the carpet has regained its original look, we spray it with fabric-safe solutions which help it retain its grace. This process can take a few hours to several days depending on the condition of your rugs. After that, it is packed and safely delivered back to you.

Rug Storage

After availing of rug cleaning services you can also get its storage facility at our place. Depending on the area of the rug we offer different prices. We assure you your rug will be safe at our place from any sort of damage such as mold growth, de-shaping, or moth damage.

Carpet Stretching

After being in use for years carpets face a lot of foot traffic and dragging. This weakens its anchorage and displaces it from its previous place. This can cause the waviness and de-shaping of carpets which can damage their overall structure. For that, we provide carpet stretching. We perform both manual and power stretching. In manual stretching we can fix your carpet back into its place simply by hand and glue it to the bottom. However, in the case of larger rooms manual stretching is not enough. We use high-power machinery to stretch the carpet and put it back into its place. After that the carpet is either glued to the floor or secured by wooden strips and nails. Whether we perform manual stretching or power stretching it is recommended not to vacuum or walk on your carpets for the next 24 hours in order to keep them from slipping.

Carpet Seaming

Due to excessive use your carpets sometimes start coming apart from the seamed areas. Our staff has trained experts who can re-seam your displaced carpets and lock them back together. We use strong adhesives and tapes to join the seamed parts and prevent them from tearing apart. This helps keep your carpets in perfect shape and increase their lifespan.

Rug and Carpet Dyeing

The chemicals from some cleaning products or bleaches can fade away the color of your rug or carpet. We understand it is painful watching your expensive rug fading away. We bring the vibrancy of your rugs and carpets back by re-dyeing them. Our dyes are available in all shades. We can renew the look of your rugs by applying these dyes appropriately at the right spot.

Rug and Carpet Padding

We offer all kinds of padding options for your carpets as well as rugs. We have classic non-slip pads, rubber pads, fiber pads, waffle pads, foams, and many other options. Depending on your choice and budget you can choose the right one serving your needs. Our pads are of high quality which gives your carpets and rugs an extra bounce. Padding also helps to insulate the flooring as well as extends the life of your carpets and rugs.

Interior Painting

We also offer interior painting services for your homes, offices, and apartments. We have specialized in plastering, painting, wallpaper application, and spackling. We provide a range of options, colors, and designs for you to choose from. Our paints are completely non-toxic and pet-friendly. The color shades are customizable and they do not fade away.

We offer quotations by visiting your site. Our experts are always there to guide you about what will suit your home the best.

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